Business Assessments

BEST has specific expertise in the evaluation of production facilities in a number of manufacturing environments with particular emphasis on value added wood products.
Assessment of facilities is aimed at providing the business owner with a qualified opinion of improvements, together with an estimate of cost benefit and return on investment.
Assessments look at all aspects of a business operation from management, sales, marketing, production through to service complaints and how they are dealt with.
These assessments take between 3- 5 days for most companies and include a detailed written report complete with recommendations.
The client then has the option to implement the solutions themselves, or hire BEST.

Market access strategies

Companies needing to extend their markets require strategies, together with associated sales action plans.
BEST Solutions will develop plans with full participation of the client to cover activities necessary to meet their market objectives. The client can implement the plans, or BEST will complete the task.
If BEST carries out the implementation it will ideally do so under its business mentoring model where the objective is to train and implement at the same time. This leaves the client better able to fulfill these duties independently later.

Implementation of assessment recommendation

Projects identified can vary enormously, with the potential that both specialists are required to work together. Occasionally outside assistance is required. In this case networking will be used to identify, and introduce the most appropriate specialist for completion of the project.

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

Standard operating procedures are the basis of all well managed businesses and form the core activities under ISO programs and LEAN initiatives. Over the years, BEST has developed a document of SOP for sales and manufacturing which are sold at a discount, then customized to meet the clientís requirements. It is not BESTís intention to complete routine work, but to assist in-house staff in establishing method and routine to continue unaided. Employers are becoming more aware of safety regulations. These are included in the SOP.

Quality control accreditation

Process is implemented to initiate QC accreditation. Various accreditation approvals are available worldwide and the appropriate system will be planned into the SOP to meet individual clientís needs.

Process improvements

Companies generally require process improvements to update technologies and to increase output, quality and efficiency. Often these improvements have been identified during an assessment, but the owner or manager does not have the spare time, or the specific knowledge to implement the changes unaided. When this need is identified the work necessary is agreed and a cost benefit analysis completed. A work project is then contracted.

Management and staff training

Over the years BEST has developed a process of training called Corporate Training. This method of training, SOP, and business mentoring are very closely related and can be amalgamated.
The importance of valuing staff and including them is central to this program. The cost of hiring and retaining staff are shown and a maintenance process developed to suit needs.
Working together with common goals and objectives is essential to success in this work.

Product development

Progressive companies continually develop new products, but do not always approach the process in the correct manner. Market research, testing, certification, product engineering, process development, copyright and patent infringement are all part of the work load. However, in house expertise is not always available to complete the work in a timely manner. In this event the solution will be offered by way of contract management until such time as the work load reduces and the client can take full responsibility.

Business mentoring

It has been observed that many small businesses do not operate close to maximum efficiency due to management constraints and particularly in the way they delegate (or not) to their staff. Business mentoring will be delivered to develop the clientís skills to close the gaps. Results can be very positive using discussion and involvement of all staff. The intent is to provide effective solutions on site without interruption to business.

Interim management

Occasionally managers are away from the business for extended periods. Their tasks must still be completed, however most small to medium sized businesses do not have staff with the resources to take on the additional work load. BEST staff take on the required tasks, enabling the company to continue full operations without the absent manager.